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Save the date! Celebrate the holidays with family and friends on Sunday, December 7, 2014 at the 32nd Annual Troy Victorian Stroll! There will be something for everyone...

Click here for a printable list of events scheduled for the Troy Victorian Stroll. 

Directions to the Stroll:

Looking how to get here? We have the directions to get you here from the north, east, south and west!

All city parking is FREE the day of the Stroll, including all parking lots and garages. However, handicap, emergency lanes, no parking rules, and private lot rules should be observed. Visit the map of places to park in Troy!

Did you know?

We have more Tiffany Windows per square mile than you'll see anywhere else in the world! Enjoy the history, dining, boutique shopping and holiday enjoyment at this year's Troy Victorian Stroll.

Bundle up? Bring your sunglasses? Check the weather to see what to wear before you head downtown for a festive day of Strolling!

Visit the Contests Page for information about the 2014 Window Decorating Contest and to participate in this year's Photo Contest with the Troy Record.